In a flap about flags.

Strategy vs. Tactics. And flags. It’s time. Papers are out, boxes are being ticked and talkback lines are running hot with people in a flap about the flag. But what exactly are we voting for? 

Michael Goldthorpe
God, Science and Advertising.

As we down tools to settle in for the Easter weekend, I got to thinking about God. Don’t panic, this isn’t one of thoseposts. But it is something I find interesting, so I thought I’d share. 

Michael Goldthorpe

“The customer is always right.” We’ve all said that and smiled. It’s a catchphrase we bandy around with due sincerity or snide cynicism depending on the occasion. 

Michael Goldthorpe
Coffee and salesforce.

Hot on the heels of a cracker night at the NZ DM Awards, we enjoyed a second dose of marketing inspiration at the Floating Pavilion early last week. Marketing Impact hosted Jeffrey Rohrs, VP of Insights at Salesforce 

Kyle Morris
Rules for having ideas.

There are no rules when it comes to ideas. All rules are made to be broken. Having ideas should always be fun. Sometimes it seems easy. Sometimes it doesn’t. Always bounce off someone else.

Michael Goldthorpe
Outside Insight.

Ever wondered what it’s like working at Hunch? Here’s an outsider’s perspective from the lovely Emily Moore who spent a week with us on “work experience”…

Michael Goldthorpe