Destiny Rescue

Girls on the Menu.



Right now, right around the world, girls as young as seven are being forced to have sex for money. To highlight just how messed up that is, we launched ‘Girls on the Menu’ – a campaign to raise awareness and attract new donations.


Our job was to demonstrate that these young girls are seen as mere commodities – pieces of meat. And because of that, it’s incredibly easy to go overseas and buy them for sex. To compete in a sea of charities all asking for money, they asked us to create something provocative that would cut through and drive action.


We created powerful invites using chopsticks to portray prison bars – and had the largest attendance to a fundraiser in Destiny NZ’s history.

We put on an event and themed it meticulously, in particular holding it at a bar down the end of a dimly-lit, back street.

And we created fake menus that brought shocking, controversial and well-crafted copy together with stunning and thematically-accurate Art Direction, to create what was described as “the most incredible and provocative campaign I’ve ever seen for this issue, with unbelievable cut-through”. – JD, 2IC and front line rescue agent at Destiny Rescue.


Destiny wanted 60 people along to their event. Our invites helped deliver 182. They then calculated a fundraising target of $19,200. Our controversial menus helped them raise $39,428. Add to that a tonne of media attention and it was a great job all round.