If you visit our website or sign up to our emails, you should expect to see great stuff that makes you think, smile, or both. You should also expect us to respect your private information. Because we do.

What do we know from our website?

Our website is hosted by Squarespace who collect generic information about who clicked on what. This is handy to let us know what’s popular so we can make more of that stuff. But don’t worry, we can’t specifically tell what you clicked on, just that something was clicked from somewhere at some time.

What about third party trackers?

Like most websites we have popped a Google cookie catcher and a Facebook Pixel into our site. The Google Analytics Code gives us an idea where you clicked from and where you clicked off to. And the Facebook Pixel makes it more likely you’ll see promoted posts from us in Facebook. In both cases, we have no specific idea who you are, just that someone stopped in to say hello.

What do we know from our email list?

If you sign up to our emails, we’ll know more about you. Most likely we’ll have your name and email address and we’ll store that information with our email provider, Campaign Monitor. We use your email address to send you emails and usually say hello with your first name.

What else do we know about you?

Obviously, like all businesses, everyone has all kinds of personal email addresses, names and numbers and other details saved in individual mailboxes and mobile phones. We totally trust our team to treat those contacts with respect. And we’d love it if you do the same with ours.

How can you access or change your data?

If you’ve signed up to our emails, you can change your details any time. Simply email info@hunch.co.nz to let us know what you’d like to change and we’ll change it. It’s a manual process, but it’s half a step up from a rolodex so we can usually get it done within 24 hours.

What are we doing to keep your data safe?

The sensitive bits of your personal data (your name and email address) are securely stored with Campaign Monitor. They’re a pretty grown up company whose whole business is about securely storing people’s information, so we reckon they’ll be safer than us.

Who do we share your data with?

We don’t. That’s not our business at all. The only information we hold is used to share news, views and other interestingness that you’ve indicated you’re interested in. You can easily opt-out of that at any time. Obviously we’ll notice and be a little sad. But we can’t and won’t stop you. It’s your call.

What happens if we stuff something up?

Based on the limited information we hold, there’s not much that can go too far wrong. But if we send you an email you didn’t want, let us know at info@hunch.co.nz and we won’t do it again.