Coffee and salesforce.

Hot on the heels of a cracker night at the NZ DM Awards, we enjoyed a second dose of marketing inspiration at the Floating Pavilion early last week. Marketing Impact hosted Jeffrey Rohrs, VP of Insights at Salesforce who shared the insight and inspiration that comes from having your head in the ‘Marketing Cloud’.

Data informs ‘moments that matter’.

It was a great talk. Lots of pictures, great case studies and some excellent takeaway moments that genuinely made sense. My favourite of the day was ‘Moments that matter’. Jeffrey’s point was that the moment of sale is still vitally important, but there are moments around it that can add just as much value to a brand – or the bottom line.

Everyone’s digital. Everything’s direct.

We all know this. And most of us are already working on it. But we still oohed and ahhed when stats were bandied around about the penetration of Smartphones (there’s lots) and the percentage of the global population interacting with social (most of us). The point here was maximising the potential in the intersection of technology and marketing tomake the salebuild the brand and grow an audience.

Jeffrey was also evangelical about the business and brand opportunities in moments. He talked about optimising known moments, uncovering hidden moments and discovering new ones.

Customer Journey vs Customer Experience

The other big ‘aha’ moment for me was a clarification of the difference between customer journey and customer experience. Jeff (feel like I know him now) talked about the traditional marketing funnel and how a cleverly constructed marketing ‘cloud’ can bounce people from awareness straight to advocacy without even buying a product – like the people who tattoo themselves with grilled cheese sandwiches.

It’s all a bit theoretical and buzzword bingo. But if you steal the idea and make it into a picture it looks a bit like this.

Inspired and enthused before morning tea.

So that was that. Lots of ideas, inspiration and other stuff served with a side of coffee, juice and a fancy smoked salmon bagel. Not a bad start to the day. And in the spirit of ‘earning media’ and ‘growing audiences’ if you want to know more, just yell. Better yet, talk to the guys at Marketing Impact, it’s only fair – they shouted the bagels.

Kyle Morris