Five different ways to get great clicks.


Infographics? Listicles? How to? With so many ways to communicate your content, it’s hard to know which way is best. So here’s a quick look at five types of content that are hot right now.


Long before the days of digital, cavemen were using infographics to share stories. Turns out, they were onto something. Stats show that adding pictures to words make them 25% more digestible. And high quality pictures can make things 30 times more likely to be read.

Today, infographics are being used for almost everything – from signs to maps to data presentations. They work wonders if you’re wanting to communicate hard-to-digest information.

Here's one that'll make you think twice about plastic. 


Podcasts have been around for a while, but they’ve recently taken off in popularity. This can mostly be attributed to their lower production cost and the fact the almost every web surfer is suffering from a serious case of too-much-screen-time. They’re also one of the more mobile types of content out there, so it’s easy for listeners to download and tune in from anywhere.

Here's one about setting up a side-hustle.  

360 Video.

With technology advancing and video demand climbing, immersive content has taken a front seat in the digital world. Especially toys like 360-degree video. Its blend of panoramic views, movement and motion give users complete control, allowing them to click, drag and explore any photo or video in a 360-degree circle. While that makes for deeper engagement, it’s not always easy to set one up. You’re best to have an expert who knows a thing or two about camera angles.

Here's a stunning example on underwater exploration. 


Listicles (half list, half article) are big on the content scene and show no signs of slowing. These snappy bits of bite-sized information make reading words all the more fun, not to mention easy. There’s even science behind the success of listicles. Apparently, lists are our brains’ favourite way of soaking up and recalling information. As The New Yorker put it “a bit like sipping green juice instead of munching on a bundle on kale”. So using them as a way to share information with your audience seems like a no-brainer.  

Here's one we wrote about writing. 

How to’s.

If the first rule of content is to focus on your customer, there are few better ways to do it than helping them out. Crafting a ‘how to’, in content, artwork, listicle or video can help your customer do the thing they’re trying to do. Craft it well and they may even buy your product to help them get it done. Maybe that’s why the words “how to” give you 200 million Google results, with number one being “how to do anything” at a site called WikiHow. Our best example is “How to make Kick Arse content.”

Here's ours about how to make kick arse content.


Remember, everything you make is about connecting with your customers and building your brand. Great content is all about making magnets. It’s about drawing people in, not shouting from the highest hill. And while these five ways of connecting are enjoying a spike in popularity, they could very well be over taken by talking drones or dancing cat videos. We’ll let you know when that is.  

Michael Goldthorpe