Who are we?

We want to be the best little agency on the planet.
So we need the best little team in town.

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Erin Clarke - Head of Design

Erin is a visual genius, with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection. With a background in both design and dancing, she knows what real art looks like. And when she’s not making things beautiful, she’s making us laugh ‘til we cry.

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Genamay Bennett - Account Manager

Genamay got her start in the media marketing world, working on big projects with even bigger clients. A seasoned problem-solver and regular go-getter, Genamay’s got the gift of getting it done. We’re stoked she’s settled as a suit at Hunch.

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Matt Hampton - Creative Consultant

When it comes to adding value, Matt’s a regular mathematician. Having spent years perfecting the art of words, pictures, and everything in between, he now flies between the Garden City and the City of Sails where he adds endless value at hunch.

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Matt Watts - Creative Director

Matt is a through-the-line creative with a special passion for words. He’s spent over 10 years mastering the in’s and out’s and the do’s and dont’s of the industry – and now enjoys ignoring them all at hunch. Just as well he’s a genius.

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Melinda Parris - Head of Account Service

Melinda has spent the past 8 years working in advertising agencies in New Zealand, Sydney and London. Working on a variety of local and global clients, Having had experience managing a full service of marketing comms including television, websites, digital and social media. Most recently, the last two years, She has spent specialising in strategy for social media in New Zealand. 

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Michael Goldthorpe - Managing Partner

Michael is an award-winning writer, problem-solving thinker and general enthusiast for anything that’s worth getting enthusiastic about. He loves nothing more than brilliant creative solutions to problems and puts that down to over ten years working in the best agencies in town. He reckons hunch is even better.

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Riley Randell

- Furry friend

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Steph Randell - Account Manager

Steph is a fast-talking, quick-thinking Account Manager whose favourite saying is: “I love me a good rulebook”. Having said that, she’s not afraid to break the odd one or two, which makes her a fab suit – and a whole lot of fun to be around.

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Dylan Cole - Designer

With an Honours degree in Graphic Design, Dylan’s a master at pushing pixels around till they pop. And when he’s not doing that, he’s performing perhaps his most important job of all - our office DJ. 

Caroline Jeffreys - Office Manager

Creatives create, Account Managers manage – and Caro does just about everything else. From wrangling builders and juggling diaries to planning events and putting out fires, she’s the office manager of our dreams.

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Millie Watson - Account Manager

It's tough to find brilliant people who know how to wrangle creative ideas, client challenges and new media. But we found one. Millie's done everything from social media to project management to travelling the world. Thankfully she's settled here.

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Georgia Middleton Writer

A born and bred Wellingtonian, Michael met Georgia on a trip to the capital where they talked words, wine and soon after that, wages. Having done stints at creative and social agencies, Georgia made the big move to Auckland and now crafts beautiful words for Hunch.